Wazifa For Husband Control – Dua To Bring Husband Under Control

Wazifa for Controlling Husband

Wazifa for Controlling Husband

A lot of our Muslim sisters face the wrath, dominance, and arrogance of their husbands without any fault! They are literally suppressed for being a wife and their husbands deliberately thrash them, scold them or torture them for no reason. If your husband is very dominating and he treats you badly and doesn’t listen to you at all, then you should possibly perform wazifa for controlling husband. The wazifa to control husband will help you in bringing things in your favor. Your husband will start listening to you and will change his behavior towards you.

Often it is seen that the husband indulges in illegal or haram activities like gambling, alcohol or drug consumption or dealing in illegal business. If your husband is also doing the same and he is not at all listening to you, then you should recite dua to bring husband under control. The dua will change his nature and attitude. He will give up his smoking, drinking and gambling habits and will become a good person. He will not indulge in any illegal activities and will start living a normal and halal life. The dua to bring husband under control is extremely powerful and will surely give you desired results.

Wazifa For Husband Control

Wazifa For Husband Control

If your husband is short-tempered and he gets angry on petty little things and starts shouting at you or beating you, then you should recite wazifa for husband control. The wazifa will melt his heart, calm his mood down and make him normal. It will make him peaceful from the inside. He will never hurt you or harm you in any way. The wazifa for husband control is a great remedy for all those wives who are literally hurt because of the rude and arrogant nature of their husbands.

If your husband is worried because of his lost job and he behaves irrationally and is very disturbed, then you should recite wazifa for husband’s job and anger. Insha Allah, when you practice this wazifa the Almighty will bestow your husband with a good job and eventually, his anger levels will also come down. Don’t worry, you can easily get the wazifa for husband job and anger from our experienced and professional Molvi sb. Feel free to ask about any wazifa you want and surely he will help you in the best possible way. Don’t worry! Allah Talah will resolve your matter very soon!

Wazifa For Husband Job and Anger

Wazifa For Husband Job and Anger

wazifa for husband control is given below:

  • Take seven leaves of berry which are new and perfectly fine and recite the ayat mentioned below thrice on every leaf and every time you finish it blow on the leaf.
  • Recite this ayat of Surah Al-Baqarah “Wat Taba Ooo Ma Tatlush Shayateeno……………………. Lau Kaanu Ya Lamoon”
  • Like this, you will have to recite this dua 21 times in total. Make sure you pluck the leaves in neat condition. Now put the leaves in clear water and give your husband to drink it.

Insha Allah all the satanic activities and bad nature will slowly go away from him and he will become a good husband.

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