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The love of a husband is all that a girl dreams of and desires, right from her puberty. In the Islamic culture, the husband holds a great position in the life of his wife and she can do anything to see love, respect and affection in his eyes for her. One of the best gifts that Allah (Swt) has blessed mankind with is Quran. Yes, with reference from Quran, you can easily sort out everything. So, if you wish to seek attention, love or affection of your husband, then you always have the luxury to acquire the dua from the Islamic astrologers and get it from Allah (swt).

Wazifa for Husband LovePowerful Wazifa For Husband To Love You

The wazifa for husband love is very helpful in arising love in the heart of your husband. At times, husbands do not have so much time for their wives or they seem to stay astray to show their dominance. It could also be a case of extra marital affair. But remember, you have the weapon of dua and wazifa in your hands. And, you can surely overcome all the hurdles that come amidst you and your husband. All you need to do is recite the wazifa for husband love and with time, you will see that your husband will start falling for you.

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The simple wazifa for husband love is mentioned below:

If a woman wants that her husband should love her and doesn’t go after other girls, then she needs to pray all 5 prayers of the day.

  • Take 7 cinnamons and recite the last three verses of Surah Hash’r 21 times on every cinnamon stick.
  • Keep them in her mouth while asleep and the next day you should give it to your husband.
  • Mix it in some food or drink and you will get desired result, Insha Allah.

Wazifa for Husband Attraction

Attraction is very important in a husband-wife relationship. The shauhar- biwi relationship depends on loyalty, love and attraction. If you see that attraction is missing from yours, then it is very important to get it back in life. It is the spice of a healthy relationship. The wazifa for husband attraction is mentioned below:

  • An easy way to ignite attraction between each other is to make a sweet dish.
  • Top it up with saffron.
  • Read the 99 names of Allah on time for 7 times.
  • Every time you’re done blow it on the dessert.
  • Both the partners should eat it.
  • It will create outstanding love and attraction
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It is very important that you speak to an Islamic astrologer about the behavior of your husband to get right advice. If your husband doesn’t listen to you, scolds you on petty little things, then the wazifa for husband control could help you. It will calm your husband and make him listen to you on the rightful matters. With the right wazifa, you will definitely get 100% success. However, it is very important that you speak to an Islamic professional and get wazifa for husband control in Urdu.

Wazifa For Husband ControlWazifa to resolve problem of Husband domination

Do not worry, if you have been facing the rash behavior of your husband from a long time. Indeed, it is time to end all the miseries of your life. Just speak to an Islamic professional and seek the wazifa. Make sure you perform as wazifa as directed. Any diversion could lead to 0 result. The wazifa for husband to love you is a great remedy to win the love of your husband. Pray with all you heart and Allah (swt) will guide and give you peace and love in your relationship.

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Do not lose hope and with time everything will settle down and you will have the love, attraction, affection and trust of your husband all for yourself.


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