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Best Surah Rahman For Love Marriage

Surah Rahman For Love Marriage

Surah Rahman For Love Marriage

Being in love is the best feeling in the world. It is not easy to attain true love but once you get you must hold it and never let go. This can only be possible when you marry the love of your life. But the real problem comes when you discuss this to your parents. Love marriage in India is very challenging especially when it inter-caste. Mostly parents don’t agree with the choice of their children and hardly accept the choice. But could you let your love go and accept your parent’s decision or marry after gaining parent’s acceptance? Well you can marry your desirable person with your parent’s consent and this will be possible with the help of the dua. The Surah Rahman for love marriage is the easiest and effective way to get your parent’s acceptance and marry the love of your choice.

Best Surah For Marriage

The best Surah for marriage is very strong and effective in making your parents agree to your decision of getting married to your desirable partner. You can seek help from Quran and Hadith to solve all your marriage problems. If you truly love someone Allah Talah would surely help you in marrying the love of your life. If the person you wish to marry isn’t ready for commitment then also you can recite the Surah Rahman for love marriage. The Surah Rahman must be performed for 11 days continuously.

surah rahman for marriage

The Surah Rahman for love marriage is easy to perform but must be performed with all the obligatory prayers. Before reciting the Surah Rahman one must believe in Allah (swt).

Insha Allah you will get 100% results.

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Keep the Halal food always

One must obey all the Islamic rules i.e 5 times prayer in a day. One must speak the truth, never tell lies, obey parents and teachers and never hurt anybody.

How To Perform Surah Rahman For Love Marriage

However, it is suggested to perform the Surah Rahman after consultation with an Islamic expert.

You must pray two rakat of Salat o toba daily.

Read 7 or 11 Times Darood Shareef before and after

While performing the Surah Rahman for marriage think about your lover and take his or her name and then blow with concentration

Begin the amal on Monday or Thursday or Friday

Before beginning the amal do some sadqa i.e give some food to a hungry or poor person.

If you are facing any problems while reciting the Surah for love marriage you can consult our Islamic Molvi Saheb. He will guide you in the right way possible of reciting the dua for love marriage.

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