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Strong Dua To Save My Marriage In Urdu

Dua To Save My Marriage

Dua To Save My Marriage

Marriage is a complex framework. It works best when both the partners are willing to give their time and effort to it. However, sometimes due to the negligence of any of the partners in marriage, it disrupts the whole structure, leading to divorce. Such phase is the toughest part of a human’s life. It breaks a person completely. If such is the scenario with you, then you can try this dua to save my marriage. This dua is very powerful and will save your marriage from breaking up. It will protect your marriage from the eyes of any third person who is trying to harm your relationship.

In marriage small issues arise like misunderstandings, tensions, fears, insecurities. Sometimes, these issues can take a bigger role and turn into prolonged fights, quarrels leading to divorce or the end of a relationship. There are also chances when the love and attention of your partner is shifted to someone else. However, you need not get disappointed with your life as we are bringing to you a powerful dua to save my marriage. This powerful dua to save my marriage would perfectly work for you if you really long for your husband and wish to have him back in your life.

Strong Dua To Save My Marriage

Yes, it is possible to get your husband love and attention and have him back in your life through the help of this strong dua to save my marriage. This Dua holds strong power from Allah(swt) and protect your relationship from all kinds of people and situations who are trying to cause harm to your relationship.

Dua To Save My Marriage In Urdu

Dua To Save My MarriageBefore beginning with the dua, you need to put your utmost trust and faith in Allah(swt) and pray to him to save your marriage from breaking up. Allah Tallah will give you your husband’s support and love and will remove all kinds of pain and sufferings in your relationship.

The dua to save marriage in urdu is given below:

‘’Rabbana thalamna anfusana wain lamtaghfir lana watarhamna lanakoonanna mina alkhasireena”

  • Recite Surat Al Ikhlas
  • Then recite Surat Al Falaq and Surat An Nas(Chapters 112, 113, 114 ) thrice during dawn and dusk. .
  • Then read Surat Al Ikhlas and Al-Mu’awwidhatain( Surat-Al-Falaq and Surat An-Nas).
  • You can also recite Surah Al Quraish and blow it on the rose flower.
  • After this both the husband and wife should smell the rose.

After performing the dua, leave everything in Allah(swt). With your love and dedication, you would surely be able to win back your partner and save your marriage from the clutches of any other woman. Insha Allah, your partner will develop fondness for you and you will be blessed with the love and endurance in your relationship.

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