Istiklhara For Husband Wife – Amal For Wife To Come Back To Husband

Istikhara For Husband Wife

Istikhara For Husband Wife

If you have had an extramarital relationship and your wife has come to know about it and left you. If you wish to give up everything and bring your wife back to you, then amal for wife back is your one-stop solution. Insha Allah, the amal will make your wife forgive you and burn the hatchets. The amal for a wife to come back to husband will make her think of your husband-wife relationship and she will come back to you to make a new start. Don’t worry. Things will be fine if you have pure intents of bringing her back and giving up all your bad habits.

Sometimes the wife leaves the husband because she feels there is no love in between them. If you think the same, then first conduct istikhara for husband-wife. The istikhara will help you find out what lies for your relationship in the future. Insha Allah, you will come to know whether continuing the relationship is good for you or not. You can get the istikhara for husband-wife performed by our molvi sb. or get the procedure for istikhara for husband-wife from him. Make sure you do it as directed to get accurate results.

Amal For Wife To Come Back To Husband

Amal For Wife To Come Back To Husband

Has your wife left you over a random fight and is staying at her mother’s place? Do you miss your wife and want her to come back to you? Do you feel sorry for your mistake and wish to bring your wife back to home? If yes, then you should practice amal for wife back to bring your wife back to home. The amal is all-powerful and will change the heart of your wife and she will miss you and come back to you as soon as possible.

If you have abused or wife or said things you shouldn’t have and she has become very upset and angry and left the home along with the kids, then amal for wife to come back to husband will be of great help to you. The amal will melt the heart of your wife and she will forgive you for your mistake and come back to you. The amal will make her miss you and she will come back running to you. She will forget all the fights and arguments of the past and do a fresh start with you.

Amal For Wife Back 

Amal For Wife Back 

Amal for wife back is given below:

Laqad Jaa Aakum Rasoolam Min Anfusikum Azeezun Alaihi Maa Anittum Hareesoon Alaikum Bil Moomeenina Ra-oofur Raheem

Recite this dua 151 times after the obligatory prayer of the noon. Make sure you recite Durood Shareef 11 times before and 11 times after the dua. Seek forgiveness from Allah Talah for all your mistakes and pray for His mercy.

Pray for your wife to come back to you and be with you like before. Insha Allah, in a few days your wife will come back to you. She will forgive you and things will be just like before. Have faith and start reciting the dua from today onwards!

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