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Istikhara for Nikah Marriage in English

Istikhara For Marriage

Istikhara For Nikah Marriage

When you are fixing your marriage, then your mind is always in a dilemma that
whether the proposal is right for you or not, whether he/ she will prove to be a good
spouse for you or not! A lot of time your mind is in conflict to say yes or no for a
marriage proposal and you end up saying no to the one deserving and yes to the
one non-deserving. If you want to avoid making such a big mistake, you should
practice istikhara for nikah marriage.

The istikhara for nikah marriage will help you get the right judgment about a
specific marriage proposal. Often you and your parents are confused about the
selection of an appropriate and suitable bride and groom for your family, who can
easily adjust with the standards. Whether you have one proposal or too many
proposals coming your way, you just have to practice istikhara for nikah marriage
and Insha Allah, Allah Talah will guide you with the most appropriate option. When
you aren’t sure about your future, then you cannot trust anyone, other than the who
has written your fate.

Have faith in Allah Talha and istikhara for marriage and perform with clean
intentions. With the help of the istikhara for marriage, you can easily get all answers
related to the successful marriage of your child and all your doubts will be clear. You
can acquire the procedure for istikhara for marriage from our molvi sb. He has
helped a lot of people do istikhara and attain accurate results for their marriage. You
should seek their guidance and carry out the procedure so that you don’t end up
making any mistake.

Istikhara for nikah is one of the simplest methods to know whether the boy or girl
chosen for you is correct or not. You don’t need their character certificate or wealth
background for it. All you need is the name of the bride and groom along with their
mother’s name. Once you perform the istikhara for nikah in the correct manner, you
will get the results the very night in your dream. If you witness a positive sign, then
you can proceed with this proposal, but if you see a negative sign, then you should

The procedure for istikhara for nikah marriage is given below:

Recite two rakat namaz-e-hajat first. Then pray to Allah Talah to guide you in this
big decision of your life. Plead to help you in choosing what’s best for you.
Recite Durood Shareef thrice. Then recite the dua mentioned below and recite
Durood Shareef thrice in the end.
“ Wa Yusam Miha Bi Ismiha Khairallee Fi Deeni Wa Duniyae Wa Aakhiratee Faqdir
Haali Wa In Kaana Fi Ghairi Haa Khairan Lim Min Haa Fi Deeni Wa Aakhiratee Faqdir
Then without talking to anyone, keep your face towards Kiblah and sleep. Insha
Allah, the very night you will get the signal. If you don’t see anything on the first
night, practice it again for 7 nights.

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