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Dua To Make My Wife Obedient and Love Me as Husband

Dua To Make Wife Love Husband Dua To Make Wife Obedient

Dua To Make My Wife Obedient

As per the rule of Shariah, the wife is subordinate to her husband. She needs to listen to him, obey him and do as he says. However, all wives do not follow this Islamic rule and very often disobey their husbands. They do not love their husband and respect them as stated in the Holy Quran. If you feel that your wife doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t abide by your rules, then you should instantly recite the dua to make my wife obedient. The dua is one of the best solutions to make your wife obedient and to make her follow your instructions.

At times, the wife has so much of ego and attitude that they feel they are supreme. They disrespect their husband and do not value them as they should. If your wife does the same and doesn’t give you your rightful honor, then you should recite the wazifa to make wife obedient.  With the help of the wazifa, your wife will not just start obeying you, but she will love you with all her heart and you’ll have a happy married life.

Dua or Wazifa To Make My Wife Love Me as Husband

Dua or Wazifa To Make My Wife Love Me as Husband

Even a husband desires love and affection from his wife. If the wife fails to live up to the expectation of the husband and doesn’t love him like he expects, then he can recite the dua to make my wife love me. The dua is very powerful and delivers instant results. It will make your wife love you like every other woman in the world. She will love you, take care of you and respect you more than before. It will mend your broken relationship and add warmth to it.

If our wife has fallen for someone else and is no longer interested in you, then it is really saddening. You may be quite worried about it. Well, in order to seek instant relief, you should speak to an Islamic specialist. The specialist has years of knowledge and experience to guide you in the Quranic way. All you need to is explain him the whole matter and he shall give you the dua to make wife love husband. Insha Allah, it will help you get the love and care of your wife back and she will leave the other person whom she has been interested in.

Dua or Wazifa To Make My Wife Love Me 

Dua or Wazifa To Make My Wife Love Me 

If there has been a random fight between you two and your wife has left you and gone away, but now you plead guilty and want her back, then you should immediately recite the dua to make wife love you. With the help of the dua your wife will not just come back to you on her own, but will also love you and care about you.

The procedure to make wife love husband is mentioned below:

  • After the obligatory prayer of the night, you can perform it.
  • Just recite Surah Muzammil 41 times
  • Blow it on a piece of sweet keeping it on your right hand.
  • Make your wife eat the sweet.
  • Insha Allah, it will start showing result after 7 days.

For better results and instant verdict, you can speak to the specialist. They will guide you with the halal and Islamic way for immediate results. Do not delay! It surely needs quick judgment. Insha Allah, Allah Talah will hear your prayers and will give you all you deserve.


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  1. Mohammad A. Kasem 06/24/2018 3:22 PM

    My wife does not respect me , she always makes quarrel with me with a small issue.

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