Dua To Increase Love in Husband Heart – Dua To Make Husband Love Me


Who wouldn’t have a desire to get 100% love of their husband? Why wouldn’t you dream that your husband should be loyal to you and love you selflessly? Well, it is the sheer hope of every wife in the world that her husband doesn’t cheat on her. This one thought surely blows feet off the ground of a woman. But Islam gives you the opportunity to handle all situations calmly and in the right way. You always have the luxury to handle things by taking reference from Quran and Hadith. And, in case you are a little weak in this regard, seeking help from Islamic professionals could be highly beneficial for you and provide you with dua to increase love in husband heart.

Dua To Increase Love in Husband Heart

Islamic Dua To Increase Love from husbandIslam has made marital relationship one of the most beautiful and important relations in the world. There are several rights of being a wife and several rights of being a husband. As a wife, you have all the right to demand love and affection from your husband. And, if you see that the love of your husband is fading, then it is advisable that you go for a powerful dua for husband to love you.

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It will be the best remedy to stop your husband from cheating on you or from preventing diversion of his heart to any other woman. He shall be loyal only to you. Allah (Swt) has given so much power in dua and wazifa that it could do any miraculous action. Thus, you do not need to feel hopeless. Just have faith in the Almighty and with His grace, you shall witness a new side of your husband in no time.

Get Dua To Make Your Husband Love You

The dua for husband to love you is mentioned below:

  • Make ablutiondua to increase love in husband's heart
  • Then pray two Nafil prayer.
  • Make sure you pray the five prayers of the day before going for this process.
  • Recite” HasbunAllahu wa ni`mal wakeel” for 100 times
  • Recite Durood-e- Tunjeena for 40 times.
  • Raise your hands in front of Allah (swt) and pray for the love of your husband through the wazifa of Mohammad the Prophet (pbuh)
  • You have to do this dua for 7 days at least.
  • Insha Allah you will see that the heart of your husband will start melting towards you.
  • The dua to make my husband love me is very powerful and effective. However, you do not need to make a single gap in between.

There are times when husbands flee to some other woman because of their beauty, richness or sheer attraction. However, the dua for husband to come back to wife is very helpful in bringing your husband back to you. All you need to do is speak to an Islamic astrologer and seek his guidance in this respect. With so much knowledge and experience, the astrologer has the right piece of advice and most perfect dua for your situation. It shall be very fruitful to you.

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Dua For Husband to Come Back to His Wife

The dua will bring peace, love and happiness in the life of shohar and biwi. You both shall see a very good time after it. Those ladies who have really given up on their husbands and do not think of even coming back shall practice the dua and see its promising results. If you’re really tired of your life and wish to seek refuge in Quran and Hadith, then our Islamic astrologer shall help you find success in your struggles. You do not have to cry anymore for your husband, just have faith in Allah tala’h and pray from the core of your heart. You will receive success in few days.

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6 Comments on “Dua To Increase Love in Husband Heart – Dua To Make Husband Love Me”

  1. My husband has left me and my baby since the 17th February. I am 6.5 months pregnant and he has made no contact with us. His family has said he needs more time with them. They are really bad, why would he choose his family instead of his wife and baby. Please help with any additional duaas to read. JazakAllah

    1. I’m in exactly the same situation sister. I can understand your pain. I’m doing a lot of wazifa and hope Allah swt will melt his heart, inshaaAllah.

  2. Asc brothers and sisters when I found this website Side it gives me hope that i will get duca to read for my husband insha allah and jisaka allah all of you

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