Dua For Husband To Listen and Love His Wife – Dua For Controlling Husband


The relationship of a husband and wife is quite a complex one. Often the husband is good, but the wife is disobedient and a number of times, the wife is loyal, but the husband doesn’t listen to her or is cheating on her. The relationship is one of its kinds and so Allah (swt) gives you the freedom to win over the love of your husband, restrain him from cheating on you and get a little control on him. Lowering down the anger of your husband and keeping them in control is not wrong. You have dua to control your husband and to listen to them and not get them for granted.

Dua For Husband To Listen and Love Wife

 dua for husband to listen His wifeWhen you’ve spent years with your husband, then it is time that you get an equal say in matters. But often husband dominate their wives for their whole life. This is not justified. You have all the rights to make your husband agree to your statements. The dua for controlling husband helps you get a control over your husband and guide him on the matters of attention.

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Often husbands think that their superiority gives them a right to crush down the presence of their wives. They ignore their suggestions and proceed on matters on their own. For such husbands, the dua for husband to listen to his wife is a must. It doesn’t just make the husband polite towards their wives but also make them agree to their viewpoint. Allah (swt) has given women the right to win over the love of their husbands and control their mind in the legit and rightful way. If you have any doubts regarding it, you can surely speak to an Islamic astrologer and seek guidance.

The Islamic specialists provide you with dua for husband to listen to his wife only from Quran and advice you the procedure that will give you 100% benefit. If you’re really troubled in your married life, then you no longer need to worry. With the help of the astrologer, you will gain the love, respect and honor of your husband in this life.

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Powerful Dua To Control Husband

  • After the Namaz of Insha, take two almonds and keep them on your tongue.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times while keeping the almonds on your tongue and think about your husband while reciting it.Dua For Husband To Listen
  • Now read Surah Taha Ayat No. 39 for 500 times – Wa-alqaytu ‘Alayka ma’habbatanminnee walitusna-‘a ‘ala A’aynee.
  • You have recite just this much.
  • Once you recite it for 100 times, take out the almond from your mouth and blow on them.
  • Do not clean the almond and just keep it back in your mouth.
  • Do this again for 5 times till you complete the dua for 500 times
  • Then wrap the almond in a clean handkerchief and perf orm the dua for 5 days on the same almond.
  • Once you’re done, make your husband eat the almonds on the 5th day
  • You can also mix it in a sweet dish and make your husband eat it.
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Dua For Husband To Stop Cheating

At times, the husband is cheating on his wife and the wife is left with no other option but to keep mum. Well, no.You can seek refuge in the shade of Holy Quran. Just speak to an astrologer and find out the dua for husband for stop cheating and bring your husband back in your life. When you recite the dua with a clean heart and body, your prayers are bound to get heard by Allah (swt) and you will surely get success. Do not lose hope. Talk about your problems to the astrologer and you shall definitely get the benefits.

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