Islamic Wazifa, Amal and Dua For Husband Wife Love From Quran


Islamic Dua For Husband Wife Love

The relationship of a husband and wife is fragile and it requires a lot of love, support, affection, understanding and trust. And, every husband and wife experience ups and downs in their life. However, it is completely up to you how you handle these situations and make your marital life successful and happy. With the help of Islamic dua for husband wife love, you can easily maintain a healthy and balanced and loving relationship with your spouse without any problems. Just recite the dua for love and you will see that your life will be a blessing.

Dua For Husband Wife Love From Quran

If your husband is interested in another woman and he doesn’t give you enough time and love, then it is very heart wrenching. You may have tried every tantrum to bring them back in your life and to win their love. However, the dua for husband wife love from Quran is very powerful and it has the power to bring your husband back to you. It will add spark, love and affection to your marital life and your husband will forget the other woman and come back to you forever. If you’re really worried because of this, then this dua will serve your purpose very well.

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Islamic Wazifa For Getting Husband Wife Love

Islamic Wazifa For Getting Husband Wife Love

If your marriage is new and at present both your husband and you are not open with each other, then the Islamic Wazifa For Husband Wife Love From Quran will be the perfect aid for your relationship. All you need to do is recite the wazifa with a clean heart and Insha Allah in few days your relationship will start getting better. You will see love, understanding and affection developing in your relationship. So, just recite the wazifa and let it work as a miracle in your marital life.

For those wives whose husbands are short tempered or do not behave properly with them, the wazifa for husband wife love is a great remedy to win the love of their husbands without any problem. Just recite the wazifa and very soon you will notice a change in the behavior of your husband. It will add loads of love in your life and your husband will always values you and love you. In order to get 100% success in this wazifa, it is better that you seek help from an Islamic specialist. The specialist will guide you and help you with a perfect Quranic dua.

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Amal For Husband Wife Love From Quran in Hindi

Amal For Husband Wife Love From Quran in Hindi

The amal for husband wife love from Quran is mentioned below:

  • Take 2 almonds and after the Isha namaz keep them in your mouth.
  • Keep them on your tongue, not under it.
  • Keep the thought of your spouse in mind while performing it.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Recite the Ayat no. 39 from Surah Taha 500 times “Wa-alqaytu ‘Alay kama’habbatan minnee wali tusna-‘a ‘alaA’aynee”
  • After completing every 100th time, take the almond out of your mouth and blow on them.
  • Then put them back in your mouth and commence reading again.
  • So, in total you have to do it 5 times.
  • When you complete the wazifa keep them on a clean piece of paper and cover it.
  • Perform this wazifa for 5 days
  • And keep these same almonds for all 5 days, following the same procedure.
  • After 5 days make your husband eat the almond.
  • Insha Allah your purpose will be served.
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If you’re really worried about to enhance love between you two, then speaking to the astrologer is the right thing to do.

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