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Dua For Love Marriage

Wazifa and Dua for Love Marriage Success 4.9 (8)


Dua For Love Marriage Love marriages have been quite in practice even in Muslim families nowadays. Young boys and girls now prefer to marry someone they prefer. However, the mentality of Muslim parents is still the same and they don’t accept the choice of their kids. If you wish to marry someone you love with […]

Wazifa for Controlling Husband

Wazifa For Husband Control – Dua To Bring Husband Under Control 4.8 (12)


Wazifa for Controlling Husband A lot of our Muslim sisters face the wrath, dominance, and arrogance of their husbands without any fault! They are literally suppressed for being a wife and their husbands deliberately thrash them, scold them or torture them for no reason. If your husband is very dominating and he treats you badly […]

Wazifa To Get Your Lost Lover Back

Wazifa for Get Love Back – Wazifa To Get Lost Lover 5 (14)


Wazifa For Get Love Back Wazifa for get love back; It is heart-wrenching to lose someone you have loved once more than your life. You may try your heart out but that person turns a deaf ear to you and has not concerned. This can leave you devastated. And, thus you should turn to no […]

Talaq Hone Ki Istikhara Dua

Talaq Hone Ki Istikhara Dua – Pasand Ki Shadi ka Istikhara 5 (10)

Istikhara Dua

Talaq Hone Ki Istikhara Dua Humare masher mein talaq alfaaz bahot kam hi liya jata hai. Aksar talaq ki surat tab aati hai jab shohar aur biwi ke pass apni shadi ko kamyab karne ka aur koi rasta nahi banta. Agar aap miya biwi mein had darja ikhtilafaat badhte ja rahe hai aur sab kuch […]

Taweez For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Islamic Powerful Taweez For Love Marriage To Agree Parents 5 (1)


Islamic Taweez For Love In order to make your relationship successful and happy, people try different means. But one thing which they forget is that nothing happens without the will of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala. Hence, it is important that you do all the efforts after praying to Allah Talah for its success. The Islamic […]

Shohar Ko Kabu Karne Ka Amal

Saas Ko Gulam Banane Ka Amal – Saas aur Sasur Ki Zuban Bandi Ka Amal 5 (1)


Shohar Ko Kabu Karne Ka Amal Ek bahu apna ghar, waldain, dost, rishtedar sab kuch chor kar apne shohar ke ghar aati hai. Wo apni saas ko apni maa aur sasur ko apne walid samajhti hai. Lekin kya har saas sasur bhi apni bahu ko beti samajhte hai? Ji nahi, baaz waqt kuch ladkiyon ke […]

Wazifa For Husband Love

Wazifa For Husband Attraction and Love – Wazifa for Husband To Come Back


Wazifa For Husband Love Every woman desires and craves the love and affection of her husband. Right from the time, she is told that she will be married to someone, she develops feelings for that person and wants the same from him. Surely, she wants her husband to love her, be attracted to her and […]

Istikhara For Husband Wife

Istiklhara For Husband Wife – Amal For Wife To Come Back To Husband


Istikhara For Husband Wife If you have had an extramarital relationship and your wife has come to know about it and left you. If you wish to give up everything and bring your wife back to you, then amal for wife back is your one-stop solution. Insha Allah, the amal will make your wife forgive […]

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