Islamic Dua, Wazifa and Amal for Separation from In Laws

dua for separation from In Laws Wazifa For separation from In Laws

Islamic Wazifa For Separation from In Laws Do you have the feeling that your relationship with your in laws isn’t going to well? Do your in-laws interfere a lot in your matter? Well, marriage is a relationship which binds you and your husband. There is already too much of a pressure on the couple and […]

Saas Ko Apna Banane Ki Dua, Wazifa, Amal and Taweez Tarika in Islam

Saas Ko Apna Banane ka Wazifa Saas Ko Apna Banane Ki Dua

Saas Ko Apna Banane Ki Dua in Urdu Har aurat kabhi na kabhi apni zindagi mein wo mukaam pahuchti jaha wo ghar parivar aur saas sasur wali ho jati hai. Wo apne waldein aur ghar ko chorke kisi aur ke waldein aur ghar ko apna bana leti hai. Ye kafi mushkil hai. Baaz waqt kuch […]

Dua To Make My Wife Obedient and Love Me as Husband

Dua To Make Wife Love Husband Dua To Make Wife Obedient

Dua To Make My Wife Obedient As per the rule of Shariah, the wife is subordinate to her husband. She needs to listen to him, obey him and do as he says. However, all wives do not follow this Islamic rule and very often disobey their husbands. They do not love their husband and respect […]

Apni Biwi Ko Kabu Karne Ka Wazifa, Taweez and Dua Tarika

Biwi Ko Kabu Karne Ka Taweez Biwi Ko Kabu Karne Ka Wazifa

Biwi Ko Kabu Karne Ka Wazifa in Urdu Ek mard ki zindagi uski biwi ke bina adhoori hai. Har shaks ko uski biwi ka sath chahiye jo uska har utar chadao mein sath de, usko acha mehsoos karwaye. Koi bhi admi bina apni biwi ke nahi jee sakta islie Allah (swt) ne shohar aur biwi […]

Shohar Ko Pane Ka Wazifa – Shohar Ko Deewana Ya Kabu Karne Ka Wazifa

Shohar Ko Khush Rakhne Ka Wazifa Shohar Ko Pane Ka Wazifa

Shohar Ko Pane Ka Wazifa  Shohar or husband has always been the most important person in the life of a married woman. Every woman desires for a loving and caring husband who will always respect and adore her. Every girl, ever since she start understanding the term – nikah, wishes for a complete man, who […]

Apna Khoya Pyar Hasil Karne ka Wazifa, Dua, Amal aur Tarika

Apne Pyar Ko Hasil Karne Ka Amal Pyar Ko Hasil Karne Ka Wazifa Pyar Ko Hasil Karne Ki Dua

Apne Khoya Pyar Hasil Karne Ka Wazifa Love is no doubt the most important thing in every person’s life whether rich or poor, old or young, beautiful or ugly, man or woman, everybody needs love in their lives to keep them going. Yes, but what happens when you have someone really close to you but […]

Shohar ki Nafrat ko Khatam Karne ka Amal, Wazifa aur Tarika

Shohar ki Nafrat Kam Karna Ka Wazifa Shohar Ki Nafrat Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa

Love is very important in everyone’s life. No matter how much rich and prosperous we get, we will always need a companion with whom we can share our feelings. For every woman, such a companion is her shohar. Shohar is the person on whom every woman can blindly trust and expect from him to keep […]

Shohar ki Mohabbat Hasil Karne ka Wazifa, Taweez aur Dua

Shohar ki Mohabbat Hasil Karne Ki Dua Shohar Ki Mohabbat Pane Ka Wazifa

Shohar Ki Mohabbat Hasil Karne Ka Wazifa From childhood only, every girl dreams for a perfect guy who will erase off her every problem and will fill her life with love and happiness. Yes, shohar is the only figure after father, with whom a woman keeps high level of expectations. Every woman devotes her time, […]

Qurani Wazifa For Love Marriage in Urdu

Qurani Wazaif For Love Back Wazifa For Love Marriage

It takes years to find someone with whom you can be completely comfortable and with whom you can imagine your entire life but it takes few seconds to lose that someone special. Yes, breaking up or getting separated from someone is really tragic. Allah subhan wa taalah, the merciful, may never show this day to […]

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